söndag 30 april 2023

Heard in Fredriksfors Apr 24 - 26 - "clean night"

After the really nice peak on April 23 it was a "clean night" the following three nights in Fredriksfors.

April 24 there was not a single visible carrier at all all night from the other side of the Atlantic.

April 25 it was "a little better". This meant in this case that there were some carriers and in a couple of cases even some murmurs from Brazil at 00 UTC. At and just around 02, some of the most common Peruvians from the Lima area then could be heard.

April 26 was worse than the night before again. Some weak carriers, but nothing good enough for an id.



1360 25.4 0150 OCU4I R Bienestar Lima lyckades ta sig igenom, men ack så svag. JE

1380 25.4 0000 OCY4U R Nuevo Tiempo Lima. JE

1440 25.4 0201 OAX4K R Imperial 2 Lima med hyfsat id JE

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