måndag 27 juli 2009

ARC Newsflash: Bulgaria 594 / Twoje Radio AM

594 kHz Bulgaria now closes down at 2100 UTC. In Finland FRCN Kaduna has been heard after 2100 UTC by Mauno Ritola on this frequency. In Växjö the fq is covered by HR-Info.
1062 kHz Several Twoje Radio AM-stations can be heard in the evening under Italy and Czechia with the cuckoo clock interval signal on the hour. One of them has been identified by Jim Solatie of Finland as Twoje Radio Jaroslaw. It is located in south-east Poland near the town of Rseszow. It was heard at 1900 UTC. Power is 500 watts. Best reception in Sweden is around midnight local time when Italy closes down. (Bengt Ericson, Växjö, Sweden/ARC)

ARC Newsflash: CFDR Halifax 780 leaving for FM

One of the most consistent TA signals over the years at our radio shack has been that of CFDR Kixx Country 780 out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is now leaving the AM band fór FM. You can read their farewell message on http://www.780kixx.ca/ (Jan Edh, Hudiksvall/ARC)

Recent logging from the radio shack in Fredriksfors by members of Delsbo Radioklubb

Fredriksfors July 27th
Drove out late Sunday night for some listening together with Rolf Larsson and Dan Andersson. But mainly for working with the firewoods to be prepared for the coming winter and hopefully better propagation.We worked hard for some hours in Monday morning and a cubic meter (or more) was stored, but more has to be done.I listened up to a little after 23 UTC. Rather good signals from the Brazilian and some Puervian stations on the tropical band (included 3255, 038 with 6 do Agosto in Xapuri with football. Probably no id however, the football continiued over top of the hour (23) and was later drowned in disturbances.I listened again after 0115 UTC. At first some NA (1660, 1440, 1400, 1390, 1140), the Brazilian on 740 and some WI stations as 1620 (WDHP with BBC WS, nothing from Cuba, nothing from Argentina), 1610 with Miss Scott, 820 TBN and also Bahamas 1540 with a good signal and a religious program from a local church. Later on more southern signals with 920 (Paraguay) amd 950, 1070, 1190, 1350 (Argentina) quite good in peaks. Also something on 1130 and 1030, the later may be with an id for Rio del Plata.Sunrise about 02.10 UTC and the best signals from shortly before 02 up to 02.30. Here is the log:
3255,043 26.7 2257 Radio Educ. 6 do Agosto, Xapuri w. football (tent). No ID on the hour and soon drowned by QRN. JE
West Indies
820 27.7 0120 TBN. Really a remarkable station that comes through regardless of conditions and time of the year. JE
1540 27.7 0145 ZNS Nassau very strong with a sermon from a local church in Nassau. JE
1610 27.7 0130 Caribbean Beacon strong with Melissa Scott. JE
1620 27.7 0130 WDHP, Frederiksted, USVI carrying BBC World Service - no trace of Cuba or Argentina. JE
Latin America
1030 27.7 0227 LS10 Radio del Plata, Ciudad Federal, BA also identifying as ”Radio Mil Trienta” and musical jingle. JE
1130 0212 27.7 CX30 Radio Nacional, Montevideo with news. JE
(Jan Edh, listening in Fredriksfors) JE & DA cutting firewood for the coming winter DX season.

söndag 26 juli 2009

ARC Newsflash; Russia 1494 silent

1494 Krasny Bor, Ryssland is now silent at 2000 UTC (July 25). Then France Info, France Bleu, Greece, Moldavia and Jordania can be heard. Not a trace of Iran. (Bengt Ericson, Växjö, Sweden/ARC)

söndag 19 juli 2009

ARC Newsflash: Sjenica 1602 kHz

On 1602 kHz, July 19 at 2000 UTC a station came up with a Radio Beograd –ID. This was the 1 kW outlet at Sjenica, situated far south near the border of Montenegro. I also checked 882 kHz for Podgorica in Montenegro but without results. They are reported to having reduced their power below the nominal 5 kW. (Bengt Ericson, Växjö, Sweden/ARC)

fredag 17 juli 2009

Summer loggings from the Radio Shack

Fredriksfors July 16th.
For the first time in more than 3,5 month I tried the airwaves in Fredriksfors again (together with Rolf Larsson). Well, it was perhaps as expected (in other words rather lousy).The visits earlier this summer has been to stock up firewood for the coming season. And more is to come, we hope another good season...In the afternoon July 15th there had also been a club meeting for DRAK where mainly the hams had talked about their antennas and BBQ.When I arrived at a later hour only Rolf Larsson was left, and we started to listen after sunset.Up to 23 UTC there were no sign of Brasilian or other TA-signals. On 1566 I looked for the Italian but there was TWR Benin very dominant.Start again 01 UT with a slight ”top” around 02 UTC. Signals on several channels but most of them very weak. Except from the identified ones these could be mentioned: 920 (presumed Paraguay), 950 (Argentina?), 1130 (Spanish with news), 1180 (Rebelde?), 1290 (YV or Murialdo?), 1390, 1400 (religious, could be Harbour Light), 1470, 1500, 1620 (Argentina?).
1566 15.7 2200 TWR Benin dominerade frekvensen. ”Afrikansk” franska. Nästan bara prat. JE
1660 16.7 0140 WWRU Jersey City, NJ med koreanska. Reklamblock 0140. Gick bättre på 265-gradaren än på 285! JE
1070 16.7 0212 LR1 Radio El Mundo Capital federal, BA med ett fint anrop efter nyheter. Morgonens ”bästa” signal. JE
1190 16.7 0200 LR9 Radio America, Capital federal, BA religiös. En stund tidigare spelades ”Video killed a radio star”, kan ju knappast ha varit den eller ”troliga”WLIB. Men ingen lösning. JE
1350 16.7 0205 LS6 Radio Buenos Aires, BA md ett anrop. JE