fredag 17 juli 2009

Summer loggings from the Radio Shack

Fredriksfors July 16th.
For the first time in more than 3,5 month I tried the airwaves in Fredriksfors again (together with Rolf Larsson). Well, it was perhaps as expected (in other words rather lousy).The visits earlier this summer has been to stock up firewood for the coming season. And more is to come, we hope another good season...In the afternoon July 15th there had also been a club meeting for DRAK where mainly the hams had talked about their antennas and BBQ.When I arrived at a later hour only Rolf Larsson was left, and we started to listen after sunset.Up to 23 UTC there were no sign of Brasilian or other TA-signals. On 1566 I looked for the Italian but there was TWR Benin very dominant.Start again 01 UT with a slight ”top” around 02 UTC. Signals on several channels but most of them very weak. Except from the identified ones these could be mentioned: 920 (presumed Paraguay), 950 (Argentina?), 1130 (Spanish with news), 1180 (Rebelde?), 1290 (YV or Murialdo?), 1390, 1400 (religious, could be Harbour Light), 1470, 1500, 1620 (Argentina?).
1566 15.7 2200 TWR Benin dominerade frekvensen. ”Afrikansk” franska. Nästan bara prat. JE
1660 16.7 0140 WWRU Jersey City, NJ med koreanska. Reklamblock 0140. Gick bättre på 265-gradaren än på 285! JE
1070 16.7 0212 LR1 Radio El Mundo Capital federal, BA med ett fint anrop efter nyheter. Morgonens ”bästa” signal. JE
1190 16.7 0200 LR9 Radio America, Capital federal, BA religiös. En stund tidigare spelades ”Video killed a radio star”, kan ju knappast ha varit den eller ”troliga”WLIB. Men ingen lösning. JE
1350 16.7 0205 LS6 Radio Buenos Aires, BA md ett anrop. JE

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