torsdag 31 maj 2012

Radio Dellen International update

We have not yet completed the installations fully and will continue tomorrow morning. So we expect to be on the air around noon on Friday, June 1. Frequencies are 5895 and 6065 kHz.

Radio Dellen International soon on the air!

A message from the Radio Enthusiasts.... We are not only listening, we are broadcasting, too! This weekend we at Delsbo Radioklubb will be broadcasting under the name of Radio Dellen International from Delsbo in Sweden. The frequencies used will be 5895 and 6065 kHz. The latter frequency was used by Radio Sweden for many years until their sad demise so you could say we are carrying on an old Swedish tradition.

We will start installing the equipment today Thursday, May 31 (btw myself and Clint Eastwood are celebrating our birthday today - another year has come to us....). We will start working at 1600 UTC (1800 CET/SNT) and it will probably take a few hours to get everything together. But we expect to go on the air with our  first test transmission tonight. We will update this blog before we go on the air.

We are naturally very interested in knowing how our signal is penetrating into your area and you are welcome to mail us at info @ during the tests. A QSL card will be available and your reception reports plus some form of return postage can be sent to:

Ronny Forslund
Radio Dellen International
Vita Huset
SE-17995 Svartsjö

We would appreciate if you could spread the news in forums, Facebookgroups, mailing lists and whatever. Good listening! /Ronny Forslund, Delsbo Radioklubb - DRAK