torsdag 31 maj 2012

Radio Dellen International update

We have not yet completed the installations fully and will continue tomorrow morning. So we expect to be on the air around noon on Friday, June 1. Frequencies are 5895 and 6065 kHz.

5 kommentarer:

  1. I had open carrier on 5895 kHz between 1847-1855 here in Finland. Was that from you?

    73, Mauno

  2. I can hear you clearly on 5,895 kHz as from 2125 UTC on 1st June 2012 here South West of London , England.

  3. 5985kHz, about 07.00-08.00UTC S9+10db signal here in Raisio, South West Finland. Now at 08.55UTC heavy noise on 5985 and I cannot hear you now :(
    6065 is free now.

  4. 6065 S8 carrier but low audio. 5895 nothing.
    Sorry wrong frequency in my previous message, rigth is 5895.

  5. Here a Link to a Video reception:

    Heard to Bernburg/Saale Saxonia-Anhalt Germany with a NRD 525G on a ALA 1530+