lördag 2 juni 2012

Radio Dellen International is on the air - as you may have noticed

Hello everybody out there in radioland,
It took a while but last night we finally got things working as they should and what you have been hearing on 5895 kHz during the night and morning is an automated music stream coming from Radio Dellen International. Although there have been no station IDs it seems like many of you have realized that it is really us. At the moment it's a dull an rainy day here in Delsbo and everybody is busy with the DX Parliament. Some of you have asked "will there be no real programmes"? Yes, there will. But the thing is that no fixed schedule of "real" programmes exists yet as this event is not only about broadcasting and at the time of writing everybody is busy listening to various lectures but we will certainly get back later today to tell you about what's happening at the DX Parliament. Meanwhile, you can always enjoy the music. You are welcome to mail us at info @ rock.x.se and tell us how you are receiving our signal. Sofar we have received reports from most of Sweden plus Norway and Finland. Is anybody listening in Holland/Belgium by any chance? We will get back with some programming in Dutch during the day.

As from 0925 UTC /GMT - 1125 CET/SNT we are now broadcasting on 6065 kHz.

That's it for the time being. Please check in to this blog now and then for up-to-date messages and keep listening. 73 from the Radio Dellen International team.

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