måndag 24 april 2023

Heard in Fredrikfors Apr 18 - many but too weak

On Aprill 18 there were quite a lot of signals from both northern South America and the West Indies, but unfortunately they were too weak in general. Not much in the log, in other words, but a lot more – both well-known and more exciting – that could not be identified.



1240 18.4 0201 HIC26 Maria Dominicana Santo Domingo svag men ensam. JE

1300 18.4 0059 WTIL Mayaguez PR ”Borinquen Radio”. JE

1590 18.4 0058 WXRF Guayama PR ”Borinquen Radio” (1589,966) JE


1200 18.4 9957 HJNF R Red Cali ”Radio Red presenta...” JE

1210 18.4 0102 HJFR Bésame Neiva släppte ett id i musicerandet JE

1430 18.4 0201 HJPW R Ya Barranquilla ”Radio Maria” Stängde 02.46 (1429,866) JE

1450 18.4 0200 YVKJ R Maria Caracas bra ibland men kraftig fading Lite senare tog La Carinosa över. JE

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