tisdag 28 maj 2024

Heard in Fredriksfors May 19 - 23 - time for summer vacation!

19th. there were some early from Brazil at 11 – 11.30 p.m., but then very few. Santa Rosa at 1500 only Peruvian heard, nothing from Bolivia.

20th. there were some signals at 01 with a "mixed diet" - Brazil on 1400, 1570 and 1600, Paraguay on 1450 and the Bahamas on 1540...

On 21st., not much was heard. Brazil at 1570 and 1580 an hour from 23, then the Bolivians at 1550 and 1560 at 00.

22/nd. some carriers but hardly any sound at all.

23rd. Brazil was heard on 1370, 1570 and 1580 at 23 while 1600 waited until 00.30 to go readable. Caranavi 1550 as usual best of the Andean signals at 00.30. Slightly better in general 00 – 01 but still too weak for it to be possible to produce anything interesting.

With that, I also turn off my gear for the season. With dawn just after 23:30 and sunrise before 01:30 UTC, it feels pointless to continue.

Summer vacation!



1540 20.5 0100 ZNS R Bahamas Nassau – trodde det var något andinskt tills den fafade upp lite vid heltimmen... JE


1450 20.5 0103 ZP29 R Vallemi Vallemi uppe med läsbar signal ett par minuter. (1450,150) JE

1470 18.5 2330 ZYJ616 R Rural de Parelhas Parelhas RN blygsam signal. Nätt och jämt hörbar. (1470,011) JE

1580 18.5 2300 ZYI898 R Santa Clara Floriano PI har haft en ganska period och varit en av de vanligare tidiga från Brasilien JE

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