måndag 20 maj 2024

Heard in Fredriksfors May 13 - 18 - now really bad

May 13th. was improbably bad. Even the few Europeans who were heard did not have "decent" strength.

14th. much better, but thus far from good. At 00 – 00.30, however, the Bolivians and Peruvians from Sicuani on 1360 and above, which has been common for quite a while now, were heard. Before that also a few from Brazil. But the signal strengths were quite moderate.

15th. about the same stations as the night before – possibly a little weaker and a little earlier.

On 16th. "Time is out of order" I want to say. Never thought I would experience that the only Atlantic heard for a whole night would be a Bolivian. But Caranavi 1550 00 – 00.30 was the only readable signal this night,

17th. there were a couple of carriers that I recognized but no readable signals.

18th. a couple of Africans could be logged during the late evening, but then it stopped this night when a new disturbance struck. No signals from Latin America.



594 17.5 2100 R Nigeria Kaduna nätt och jämnt läsbar JE

1377 17.5 2100 R Free Africa Mwanza riktigt hygglig styrka. (1376,990) JE


1370 14.5 2325 ZYH628 R Vanguarda Caridade CE en gång till – fadade upp läsbart några minuter vid samma tid som för en dryg vecka sedan. (1370,131) JE

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