söndag 3 december 2023

Heard in Fredriksfors Nox 23 - 30 - still very bad

On Thursday (Nov 23) Peter (PG) and Dan (DAD) repaired the 285 degreer antenna that had come off on a minor forestry job, and also put about 300 meters of new wire on the 317-degreeantenna. Thus, all the antennas in Fredriksfors will finally be working again.

However, it didn't help that we had the 285 to listen to again. Nov 24 was really lousy - I might have managed to identify a handful of stations if I hunted harder, but it was extremely poor. The night after, at least some from Puerto Rico and Colombia, but only the most common

On Nov 26 I had 255 degrees instead, but it didn't give anything - hardly any readable signals at all. And on the 27th. the recording failed...

Nov 28 the recording worked ok and the 285 grader was connected. To no "use" - just mumbling from

mainly Colombia, Puerto Rico and some NA, and towards the morning a lot of noise. The 28th. wasn't much better, still mostly just hum and noise, and almost no really readable signals. A bit better against especially Colombia towards the morning, but still not much to even try to identify.

29th. it was really bad during the night, slightly better signals at 05 UTC with Colombia, Ecuador and maybe also a couple of Peruvians. But overall weak strengths.

Then I changed the antenna to 255 degrees again to Nov 30, but it went wrong again. Not much at all but at 03 there were some of the most common Colombians - but nothing from southern South America



1070 25.11 0101 WMIA Arecibo PR ”Borinquen Eadio” och kedje-id. Har justerat frekvensen och ligger inte längre snett. JE

1300 25.11 0101 WTIL Mayaguez PR med ”Borinquen Radio” och kedjeanropet. JE

1470 25.11 0101 WKUM Orocovis PR lurade mig. Brukar ha ”seriösa” pratprogram, men bjöd på fartigt musikprogram och annonserade ”Cu-cu-cu-cumbre!” JE


1190 29.11 0500 HCDE2 UCSG R Guayaquil kom som en av väldigt få med läsbar signal. JE

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