lördag 23 december 2023

Heard in Fredriksfors Dec 18 - 21 - first night a few from Brazil

Dec 18 some southen signals especially from Brazil and above all in the lower half of the bandel from midnight UTC, but already after 02 almost all signals disappeared.

Dec 19 was a total rock bottom with hardly any signals at all on the 255-degrees antenna.

Learning” from the outcome of last nigh I changed to 285 degrees.. If possible, it got even worse, And 21st. was no better. Of the small Colombian opening I was told abut 06 UTC, nothing was noticeable other than a few carriers and the occasional murmur. From 03 onwards, the more common Puero Rico stations could be heard, but far from well.



880 18.12 0101 ZYL275 R Inconfidencia Belo Hrizonte MG id-ade i splattret. JE

950 18.12 0000 ZYL212 R Atalaia Belo Horizonte MG med id och annonsering för Rede Aleluia som hyr sändaren av Atalaia. Stark och fint nu när CNN är borta (950,0032 JE

1030 18.12 0200 LS10 R Del Plata Buenos Aires – inte så stark men ovanligt lite splatter. JE

1060 18.12 0002 ZYL278 R Deus é Amor Belo Horizonte MG med id JE

1150 18.12 0000 ZYK656 Super R São Paulo id-ade inklusive frekvens, mycket splatter men råkade komma fram ”hyfsat” just vid id.(1150,005) JE

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