torsdag 12 januari 2023

Heard in Fredriksfors Jan 7 - better

Conditions werre improved this night – but despite that, there was almost nothing in the 
For the first time in a long time it was NA that dominated and above all around 00 – 01 
UTC there were stations on many frequencies. Unfortunately, however, there were 
still far too poor signal strengths and also a little distorted, so very 
little could be identified.
Then it got worse and already at 06 UTC – that is a couple of hours before sunrise – 
there was not a single audible transatlantic signal to hear.



1040 7.1 0100 WHO Des Moines IA call och Fox News. JE

1250 7.1 0202 WPGP Pittsburgh PA id-ade. JE

1420 7.1 0100 WCOJ Coatesville PA med EWTN-program. JE

1590 7.1 0100 WAKR Akron OH ”Soft Hits” kallar man musiken för. Ack så svag. JE


1350 7.1 0200 HOZ38 BBN Panama tog över när WEGA hade en dålig perios. (1350,006) JE

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