tisdag 10 januari 2023

Heard in Fredriksfors Jan 6 - better than yesterday, but...

The improbably lousy reception conditions in Fredriksfors remain. This together with a number of wrong choices regarding antenna direction on my part. Together, it has resulted in a long period of pure failure.

Yesterday (5/1) was something of a record. I had two stations on all night – earlier in the night Harbor Light was steady on 1400, at and after 07 UTC then Radio Buenos Aires on 1350. That was it!

The 6/1 was a little better. With some Brazilians around 00 UTC. Then it probably could have been interesting if I had connected a better antenna for the night. On my 255 degrees I noticed that at 03 some Puerto Rico stations started to be heard albeit faintly. And by 06, most of the stations that were heard were from the northeastern United States and Canada, despite the antenna.



680 6.1 0300 WBQN San Juan PR ”Borinquen Radio” JE


620 6.1 0001 ZYK521 R Jovem Pan News São Paulo SP JE

870 6.1 0301 LRA1 R Nacional Buenos Aires efter senaste dagarnas bottenlöst usla konditioner var till och med denna en ljuspunkt. JE

950 6.1 0300 LR3 CNN R Argentina Buenos Aires svag och splattrad JE

1250 6.1 0012 ZYH594 R Educadora de Cratéus Cratéus CE svag, men här kom både en jingel och id. (1249,987) JE

1290 6.1 0000 ZYH888 R Timbira do Maranhão San Luís MA går ”alltid”. (1290,285) JE

1300 5.1 2346 ZYH586 Rede do Noticias Fortaleza CE. med ”oinspirerad nonstop-musik”. Förmodligen ett stört id 23.46 och FD konstaterade att det är ”BDN”. (1300,036) JE

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