torsdag 19 januari 2023

Heard in Fredriksfors Jan 12 - failed expectations

It sounded so exciting when I heard from some dx friends about the very nice NA loggings on the morning of January 12th. Towards 05 UTC some regular east coasters also began to arrive with increasingly better strength and hope rose. But a few minutes later it was over – the signal strengths dropped and the noise increased. 06 there were only a few signals, barely audible, and it only got worse.

And it continues to be completely "hopeless" conditions.



940 12.1 0402 CFNV Montreal QC fadade upp med lite musik och franskt id. JE

14330 12.1 0503 WKOX Everett MA gick sensationellt bra för sina 26 W natteffekt, så de hade nog glömt att slå om vid solnedgågen... JE



1490 12. 0200 YVXD R Dinámica Caracas var kom från intet med starkt id och försvann igen. Timmen senare bandets starkaste station.

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