lördag 12 november 2022

Heard in Fredriksfors Nov 8 - still bad

This week has mainly been spent on a sound problem on the computer which made it impossible to listen to recorded files. It was finally resolved on Friday night when Pieter Ibeling at RFSpace was able to help me - an “dot” had been put in the wrong box in a set up menu for SpectraVue (don't ask me how and why), but when it was fixed the playback also works and it could become a log from Oct 8.

Luckyly the conditions were so bad soI hardly missed anything. The signals that could now be found were also very weak.



820 8.11 0002 LRA8 R Nacional Formosa – fotboll. JE

1010 7.11 2100 ZYH625 CBN Fortaleza CE tidig med annonseringar och id. JR

1230 8.11 0100 LT2 R Dos Rosario kunde också urskiljas med ett id JE

1270 7.11 2104 LS11 R Provincia de Buenos Aires La Plata ”rekordtidigt” (1,5 timme före solnedgång) med poppigt program. JE

1270 7.11 2201 ZYH753 R Brasil Central Goiania GO id-ade. Nattens bästa signalJE

1430 8.11 0002 ZYJ200 R Evangelizar Curitiba PR överrskande stark vid id. Rätt många vanliga östkustbrassar gick den här tiden – 740, 760, 920, 940, 980, 1350, 1380, 1600 men t ex 1070, 1440, 1470 också JE

1510 8.11 0058 LRI253 R Belgrano Suardi gick hyfsat bortsett från fading. (1509,985) JE

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