söndag 13 november 2022

Heard in Fredriksfors Nov 9 - another failure

A few more decibels on the stations this night, and it could have been really fun. Now, unfortunately, it was mostly just mumbling and that they were bubbling in the background noise.

It was mostly Brazilian and La Plata that were heard, but mostly just “guessed”. Late at night there was also some Colombia and Puerto Rico, but with an antenna that was too far south (255 degrees) for them, they didn't really make it either.

So the summation was another failure...



670 9.11 0002 ZYJ971 R Cultura de Sergipe Aracaju SE med ett kort och stört id. JE

700 9.11 0000 LV3 R Córdoba (Cadena 3) Córdoba. Mycket splatter. JE

790 9.11 0500 LR6 R Mitre Buenos Aires tog sig ända fram. JE

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