onsdag 30 november 2022

Heard in Fredriksfors Nov 20 - a failure again

Forecasts spoke of a severe solar disturbance this night. I took it ad notam and bet that there would be a possibility of hearing the southernmost America and plugged in 255 the degrees antenna. It is the antenna I think is the best in Fredriksfors when it comes to La Plata.

But the disturbance did not happen - there were some common from Argentina and some from Brazil early in the night. But even at 255 degrees it was mainly NA and Colombia, but then weak and often distorted.

A failure in other words.




790 19.11 2302 LR6 R Mitre Buenos Aires splattrad förstås men bra styrka. JE

820 20.11 0200 LRA8 R Nacional Formosa kom fram med samma program som Buenos Aires på 870. JE

950 19.11 2300 LR3 CNN Noticias hyfsat stark men ack så misshandlad av ovässendet från 953 JE

1070 19.11 2301 ZYI673 R Difusora Cajazeiras Cajazeiras PB stark men fading JE

1230 19.11 2300 LT2 R Dos Rosario med id JE

1250 19.11 2159 ZYH594 R Educadora de Cratéus CE med id och musik. Gick starkt en stund. (1249,988) JE

1270 19.11 2300 LS11 R Provincia de Buenos Aires La Plata stark. JE

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