onsdag 8 april 2009

CMLL Radio Victoria Cuba 1350 kHz

Addition to previous log:

West Indies
1350 4.4 0400 CMLL Radio Victoria, Cuba w. national anthem and station ID. Not previously reported here but thanks to Henrik Klemetz who solved the mystery we can now report the following. HK writes:

"Your "Victoria" is correct but when you consult the World Radio TV Handbook you don't get much help. It is indeed Radio Victoria but the call is not correct. While searching the web I found that the call according to http://www.upec.cu/baul/37.html is really CMLL since 2005. In the WRTH it is listed on 1040, 1050 and 1060 under its old call CMKT.

The station ID can be found on the web but is not easy to find as the station doesn't have a conventional website but can be found on http://www.tiempo21.cu/. The ID which has been uploaded, and which I enclose, is not completely in accordance with what you have recorded where you can hear a female voice in the middle and at the end of the ID. Besides at least one AM frequency has been changed (1040?) and the FM frequency does not sound as 94.5 but something different; I leave it at that.

Thus you have found a news item which once again shows why Jens Frost did not like the epithet "The DXer's Bible". He realized that the book contained too many errors. Listen to the old recording which I dug up last week. It's not on the web but the Fredriksfors team maybe can upload it?"

Unfortunately Blogger does not seem to allow the upload of soundfiles. But I will see what I can do. Meanwhile, JE received this by email:

Happy Easter all!

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