söndag 1 oktober 2023

Heard in Fredriksfors Sep 26 - 28 - even worse

Bad propagation? Wrong antenna?

Probably both, because 26 – 28/9 was a real rock bottom.

There is reason to believe that it would have been a little more "fun" if the antenna at 285 degrees had been “usable”. At dawn on the 27th, there were even some occasional NA stations on my 240 degrees. And carriers from the most common Peruvians from Lima were seen. However, what was really "heard" were the most common from Brazil and some from Argentina. And a lot of splatter from remaining Europeans.



610 26. 0302 ZYL268 R Itatiaia Belo Horizonte MG kunde ”plågas fram” denna signalfattiga natt, JE

1060 28.9 0101 ZYL278 R 880 (R Deus é Amor ) Belo Horizonte MG med IPDA-annonsering. JE

920 28.9 0100 ZP1 R Nacional Asunción tillbaka på sin ”gamla” (reserv?) frekvens (919, 926) JE

1360 26.9 0100 OZX7R R Sicuani Sicuani – ett oändligt långt annonsblock före och långt förbi heltimmen, men Mauricio Molano kunde tyda reklamer för ”Hospital de Sicuani”, så ingen tvekan vem det var. JE

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