fredag 29 september 2023

Heard in Fredriksfors Sep 21 - 25 - Four dull nights

The days September 21 – 25 were definitely wrong for our 255 degrees antenna which doesn't seem to work its entire length.

The usual stations from La Plata – including 1240 Dos and 1190 Perfil which are among the dominants this fall – and some from Brazil went most every night. But it was clear that a more northerly antenna would have been better - towards sunrise the Peruvians from Lima appeared on high frequencies, Puerto Rico and Colombia appeared here and there, as well as the occasional NA east coast.

25th was even worse than the other days with very modest strengths on the few stations that were heard at all.

A "proof" that the antenna does not work as it should was also that on the evening of 22nd. a couple of Asians came in who should have been pushed down better.



1143 23.9 1759 BEL3 Taiwan Area Fishery BS Baisha JE

1224 22.9 1759 BED79 BCC Country Network överraskaande en del ”långfading” men överraskande stark. (1223,991) JE


1420 22.9 0400 WUKQ Ponce PR med WAKQ-anrop visade på konditioner åt ett annat håll än min antenn pekade. JE

1430 22.9 0359 HIBQ79 R Emanuelle Santiago de los Caballeros id-ade – gick bäst av flera- JE


1000 21.9 0430 ZYK522 R Record Sao Paulo stark och ovanligt ostörd. (999,982) JE

1080 22.9 0359 OCU4K NSE R Lima visade att konditionerna pekade åt ett annat håll än min antenn (255 grader). (1180,008) JE

1190 23.9 0300 HCDE2 UCSG Guayaquil tittade fram tillfälligt, men Perfil är oftast dominant här nu. JE

1330 20.9 2259 ZP13 R Chaco Boreal Asunción med id Id också 04.21 21.9, svag men ostörd då. (1329,988) JE

1620 23.9 0407 LRI238 AM 1620 Mar del Plata kom upp riktigt hyfsat med id mellan två låtar. JE

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