söndag 14 maj 2023

Heard in Fredriksfors May 10 - too much noise

Together with Dan Andersson, I spent the night of May 10 out in Fredriksfors, but we got bad value for our listening.

A small "peak" at 00.30 UTC and there above all 1580 Santa Clara did well, but also some Peruvians. Then it opened up a bit at 01.30 again towards Peru and Bolivia, but unfortunately too much noise for some signals that could otherwise have been "interesting". Nothing below 1240.



1470 10.5 0130 OAU6E R Victoria Arequipa starkast här (1469,951) JE

1500 10.5 0135 R Tawantinsuyo Laya – klart starkare än Santa Rosa . Bendita 1540 gick alldeles utmärkt samtidigt och även Luz del Mundo 1560 hördes.(1500,032) JE

1520 10.5 0030 OBU7X R Avance Yauri Espinar men störd av en trolig Lvd Atalaya.(1519,980) JE

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