onsdag 14 december 2022

Heard in Fredriksfors Dec 9 - long night few signals

Another long night with very few signals, so even though the interference level was pretty low this night too, not much came through.

In the morning, the conditions favored the British over the Spanish this time, the opposite of yesterday.

Both today and yesterday there has also been a very heavy disturbance across the band that started after 06 UTC and has come and gone. From a few seconds to up to a minute long each time. Probably from a weld in a mechanical shop located in the direction of the southern antennas.



1350 9.12 0559 R Cavell Oldham med id och nyheter (tyvärr, jag vill ha fatt i Mid-Downs R...) JE

1386 9.12 0601 Anker R Nuneaton med id efter nyheter och meddelande om vem varit sponsor. Sedan gamla stenkakor. JE

1385 9.12 0710 R City Swansea äntligen med ett anrop och oldies .Svag och störd av dominerande Anker JE


1230 9.12 0401 ZYR699 Super R Boa Vontade Sao Paulo SP kom fram en stund JE

1430 9.12 0404 ZYJ200 R Evangelizar Curitiba PR kom fram fint stundtals, men fadade bort långa stunder. JE

1500 9.12 0100 YVRZ R Dos Mil Cumaná var nattens första LA-signal JE

1600 9.12 0402 ZYK770 R Nove de Julho Sao Paulo SP id-ade. (1599,989) JE

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