tisdag 8 juni 2010

ARC Newsflash: Studio X, Italy off the air

1584 kHz Studio X in Italy is off since beginning of May. They have problems with the MW transmitter according to Dario Monferini in Italy. Now there is a chance to hear Radio Verona in Verona, Italy after 2200 UTC when RAI at Terni signs off. The station is commercial and during the evening a lot of ads are broadcast between the records. Power 1 kW. During nighttime 2300 – 0430 UTC Monday to Saturday and on Sundays 2200 - 0430 they are broadcasting non-stop music with IDs. Radio Verona is recently been heard by Robic Patrick in Austria. The station has also Internet streaming of the program http://www.radioverona.it/  (Bengt Ericson, ARC, Växjö)

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