onsdag 18 mars 2009

Spring is almost here - and the conditions are deteriorating....

I´ve just returned from Fredriksfors.It´s spring! A beautiful day. The sky is all blue, almost no wind and several degrees abouve zero. The night in Fredriksfors was also just great with all the stars.We really need this.As a radio enthusiast it´s not that great.I just got the information that one of the last foreign broadcasters with programs in Swedish will stop that service March 27th: Radio Moskva. It´s a pity.And the weather is far more fantastic than how the radio signals propagated this night.In the evening the philippino on 1314 DWXI and Japanese JOIF 1413 came through. Later some of the most common NA-stations from the east coast and some Puerto Ricans.In the morning there were far more stations and also much stronger signals. But still, I felt as it was the usual and wellknown stations with very few surprises.In the lower part of the band there were lots of Cuban stations and some of the stronger ones from Venezuela and Colombia. In the upper part of the band also some North American stations from the east coast came through.I spent much time on 1200 kHz and have some time recordet there for further checking, but I´m afraid that it is only CFGO and Radio Tiempo there. But a slight hope of something more...However, signals were still propgating, many at quite decent strength, a good time after 07 UTC, more than two hours after sunrise.

WCRA 1330 seems to be having a great period at the moment. New transmitter or aerial? I suppose it should be counted as a new station by now??? On 1490 there was a short spell of gospel, otherwise probably just Punto Cinco when anything at all was heard.
/Jan Edh - JE

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