lördag 7 mars 2009

A nice evening in the shack without DX...

A brief report from Jan Edh tells us the following:
Fredriksfors 7.3 - almost nothing
A "bad night" in Fredriksfors, besides of nice weather (about 0 C.) and the already warm building, as Dan and Rolf were "on duty".
That´s the nice part of it.
The radio didn´t give much plesant to record and remember.
WWNN 1470, Pompano Beach was a little surprising at about 23.30 (UTC) - the best signal from the continent!
In the morning I listened from 03 UTC. Almost "only" Spanish speaking stations, and as far as I recognised only those you always expect to hear.
1350 could be the exception, but probably it was WEGA, PR that took over from earlier dominant Ciudad del Mar, Cuba. Something to check anyhow. Rebelde on 1550.
After sunrise the stations started to fade out rapidly. At the same
time (short before 07) some NA-stations came through, but then with a low signal and for quite a short time. Short after 07 most of the signals were gone.

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