söndag 7 december 2008

From the Radio Shack

Welcome to my – or I should rather say our – blog! As a member of Delsbo Radioklubb (DRAK), I will tell you about our various activities, including BC loggings and so on. One of my biggest interests is DX-ing and although it may seem like an oldfashioned pastime today, there are still a few of us around, enjoying our hobby like we always did. The DX section of Delsbo Radioklubb consists of five members, Dan Andersson (chairman of DRAK), Rolf Larsson, Jan Edh, Peter Stillberg and yours truly, Ronny Forslund (a k a RonnyBGoode). We are sharing a listening shack not far from Delsbo in the province of Hälsingland (some 350 km north of Stockholm) and here we have access to a number of beverage antennas in various directions plus one delta loop and a G5RW antenna.

A special favourite area of ours is mediumwawe (broadcast band) DX-ing and naturally, being in a sunspot minimum of the solar cycle, this season has given many great catches. Especially nice is being able to catch MW/AM signals from North America but we generally try to listen for anything of interest. We expect the holidays to give quite a few new catches and are looking forward to many enjoyable hours in front of our receivers.

As for me I use a JRC NRD-535D which I think is a great receiver and it has given me many good catches over the years. I am sure the other members of our DX-group will present their equipment soon. I am, of course, referring to their receivers....

Delsbo Radioklubb, DRAK, is a very active club and apart from DX-ing we have a lot of active hams in the club. Our club station has the signal SK3PH and this year the club is active with a special signal, 7S35PH, which is to commemorate our 35th anniversary. Yes, we have been around for that long and I am sure we will still be around in another 35 years. Once you have been bitten by the radio bug it stays with you forever.

I will get around to compile the loggings from my latest listening session in our shack and will be back soon. Take care and keep on listening!

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