onsdag 24 december 2008

Christmas loggings from the Fredriksfors Radio Shack

Xmas greetings from our Radio Shack!
This time me and Ona (my faithful dog & best friend) will spend the Christmas without Donald Duck as we have no TV here in the shack. DD on Xmas Eve is one of the most consistent Swedish Christmas traditions there is but honestly I am just as happy with my radio. At the moment, there are very few transatlantic signals as the solar conditions are not very favourable and solar winds are too speedy. Still, let's hop for better conds soon. Over to the log from the Fredriksfors shack sofar. All times are UTC.
I wish you all a very Merrry Christmas and GOOD DX!
560 23.12 07.58 WQAM Miami FL with several IDs. Q2-3. RFK
580 21.12 23.33 CFRA Ottawa ON with promo for a local Xmas market. Q3. RFK
590 19.12 22.00 VOCM St Johns NL very strong as many of the parallel fq's. 620 is often the strongest, followed by 710. RFK
600 19.12 22.05 CBNA St Anthony NL with CBC 1. Q2. RFK
610 21.12 23.20 CHNC New Carlisle QC with a very enjoyable rock- and countrymix, primarily songs in French. Q2-3. RFK
610 22.12 00.50 WIOD Miami FL spot for ”Torneau Watches”. Q2-3. RFK
640 19.12 22.10 CBN St Johns NL had CBC News. Q3. RFK
680 19.12 22.15 KBRW Barrow AK is generally heard at most times of the day here when the path is open. Was playing blues. Q3. RFK
770 22.12 08.30 CHQR Calgary AB with ”Coast to Coast AM” about the film ”Jesus in India”. Q3. RFK
780 19.12 22.13 CFDR Halifax NS ”Kicks Country” very common. Q3. RFK
790 22.12 08.17 CFCW Camrose AB had country + OID NA. RFK
800 21.12 21.40 VOWR St Johns NL carrying a programme of string music. Q3. RFK
830 19.12 22.28 WRCN Worcester MA recommended us to “buy a Chevrolet in beautiful Worcester….” Q2-3. RFK
910 22.12 08.15 CKDQ Drumheiler AB”Q-91” country. RFK
930 21.12 05.20 CJCA Edmonton AB “9-30 The Light” with gospel music. Q3. RFK
950 20.12 00.20 CKNB Campbellton NB ”95 CKNB Satellite Weather” then oldies. Q3. RFK
980 21.12 05.00 CJME Regina SK ”Newstalk 9-80 CJME”. Q2-3. RFK
1020 21.12 23.05 KDKA Pittsburgh PA had ”Let it snow” in the talk show (Cto Coast AM?) and it was indeed snowing a lot outside here. RFK
1040 22.12 08.05 CKST Vancouver BC with ESPN. Q2. RFK
1050 21.12 05.40 CHUM Toronto ON playing ”I’m gonna knock on your door” by Eddie Hodges. This was the first no 1 entry of the Swedish chart "Tio i Topp" (Top Ten) when it started back in 1961.. RFK
1060 21.12 05.28 CKMX Calgary AB ”Classic country 10-60” with “Honky tonk angels” also heard //SW 6030 kHz. RFK
1060 22.12 22.00 WBIX Natick ME ”The Business Station”. Q2. RFK
1090 22.12 07.58 KPTK Seattle WA with ”Web-Ex” spot. Q3-4. RFK
1130 19.12 22.35 WBBR New York NY very strong with news plus unid NA in the background. RFK
1160 20.12 00.05 WYLL Chicago IL with phone-in show on faith issues. Q3. RFK
1160 22.12 07.54 KSL Salt Lake City UT dominant, at least two more NA on the channel. RFK
1180 21.12 23.00 WHAM Rochester NY identifying as ”Wham”. Q2-3. RFK
1190 19.12 22.36 WLIB New York NY advertising “Wal-Green” plus a promo for “Metropolitan Baptist Church”. Q3-4. RFK
1260 21.12 22.20 WMKI Boston MA "Radio Disney" sam+ unid NA talk station. RFK
1310 21.12 11.25 CHLW St Paul-Bonnyville AB in the middle od the day. Commercial for ”Lifelock.com”. Q2. RFK
1320 22.12 05.01 CHMB Vancouver BC ID ”This is AM 13-20 CHMB” then into Chinese. Q3. RFK
1400 21.12 20.05 CBG Gander NL with local weather report from the studio in St Johns. Q3-4. RFK
1510 21.12 22.50 KGA Spokane WA coming through very well on both our East Coast and Prairie beverage (300 and 317 degrees). Often the most common one in Fredriksfors. RFK
1570 22.12 04.48 CKBW Winkler MB ”….the heart of country music, 15-70 CKMW”. RFK
1580 19.12 23.40 CKDO Oshawa ON has a nice oldies format, not to mention that they also verify with real QSL cards. There is still hope! RFK
1630 20.12 05.10 KRND Fox Farm WY one of the few X-banders heard. ”La Grande 16-30”. RFK

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