fredag 23 april 2010

Log from Fredriksfors April 22nd

Spanish on 1510! Faded down just on top on the hour but quite good up to and after. ”Must be” Boston on its high 1510,019. Have been heard with brokered program at nights earlier and Spanish isn´t quite a surprise but  very wearth noting.
In the evening Brazilian signals on 740 and 1220 but nothing interesting and I went to bed at 22.15 uTC.
At  01 some eastern (common) NA:s together with Bahamas very good on 1540. 1370 (WDEA with sports from Sox) and 1200 (with C2C) best.
Signals went southwards and mainly Venezuela and Colombia. Some channels, as 1290 and 1190, to be checked a little better. WIPR alone on 940.
Instead of La Plata at sunrise (03.07 UTC) signals went north again, but to week and to noisy then.

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