fredag 21 augusti 2009

Newsflash: Radio Veronica 50th Anniversary broadcasts

Here the latest and at the same time last extra newsflash for this month. The Foundation Norderney presents 50 Years of Radio Veronica. During the whole month of August the programming from the internet radiostation Veronica pays attention to the fact Veronica was registrated as an offshore radio station in 1959 and started broadcasts in April 1960. Also the month of August remembers the Dutch people to the fact in 1974 on the 31st there came an end to the offshore broadcasts from the station. Up till midnight on August 31st you can listen to old Veronica programmes on as well on 1584 AM on the frequency of Radio Paradise in certain parts of Holland.

Very special will be the programming of the last week as from Tuesday August 25th up till August 31st all the old original studiotapes, which are still in very good condition, will be repeated hour rafter hour. If you want more info just go to (Hans Knot Radio Report)

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