söndag 11 februari 2024

Heard in Fredriksfors Jan 24 - Feb 4 - Back in "the lamentation"

Now I'm back in the "lamentation" again!

After three nights without recording, the receiver was up and running again on January 27th.. To absolutely no use. There was absolutely nothing to bring to the log. Some of the more common NAs went so far that it was possible to guess who they were, but no more.

Jan 28 - 31 I had no recordings again. February 2nd., however, I was up and running again. For a long time, the night was eerily similar to the last recording night (Jan 27). However, after 03 UTC it started with both NA and LA stations and also with slightly better strengths. But that was only the most common.

Feb 2 was another shade better, at least after 03 UTC. A mix of mostly regular NA, some LA but very noisy.

On Feb 3 back at "ground zero". At best, a little hum on the frequencies but that was drowned out by strong noise and crackling.

By Feb 4 there had been a big change. Most of the vrackle was gone and the noise level was noticeably lower. But unfortunately the signals were neither more nor stronger, so there was nothing to hear anyway.



1040 2.2 0400 WURN Miami FL ”Actualidad 1040”, JE


1020 2.2 0357 CMAM R Artemisa Artemisa lät inte alls som stationerna i Cuba brukar vid anrop, men FD kunde konstatera att det trots allt var frekvensens dominant. JE


1470 2.2 0459 OAU4B Oxigeno Classics Lima – jag hade inte alls väntat mig att namn/formatbytet skulle innebära rock och svängig gammal pop, men FD och TN visste bättre. JE

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