söndag 5 november 2023

Heard in Fredriksfors Oct 27 - 29 - wrong antenna

It was so bad that I thought the antenna was wrong, but it probably just showed that it worked very well for its purpose.

I took a chance with the 255-degree antenna on October 27 - 29 – and it turned out to be a real miss.

Hardly any signals at all from southern South America, but a lot of carriers (and also some distorted audio) from Colombia in particular. Even a couple of westerners from Canada (840 and 920)made it on the 28th. And on the 29th even a little more northerly LA and also some Peruvians.



730 28.10 0200 ZP7 R ABC Cardenal Asunción tog med nöd och näppe igenom. JE

780 29.10 0400 OAX4X R Visión Lima ”La Voz de la Salvación” - enda ”vettiga” signalen den här natten. Och peruaner som inte brukar höras alls på 255-gradaren... (780,092) JE

950 27.10 0100 ÖR3 CNN R Buenos Aires nattens första ”riktiga” signal förutom Harbour Light och WEGA. JE

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