tisdag 6 september 2022

Heard in Fredriksfors Sep 5 - too disturbed, too distorted

I don´t know if the heavy disturbances that occured (K5/K6 for a couple of days) hit harder on Fredrikfors than it did at some dx-friends listening som 200 km more to the south. I hope that was the case, for this was really bad. Only very few stations occured, and they were distorted as had the signal passed a broken bucket in it´s way to my ears.

And of course, it didn't get any better as I stopped my recording at least an hour too early.



930 5.9 0301 CX20 R Monte Carlo Montevideo knappt över vad som gick att tyda. JE

1470 5.9 0300 CX147 R Crirstal Las Piedras en av väldigt få stationer som kom upp ”anständigt” denna natt. JE

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