lördag 12 december 2020

From the radio shack - a failure

A failure – or possibly more than one Anyhow. It was bad.

I left my receiver alone for Asians in the afternoon December 7th. It sounded good in the very beginning with early signals. But something happened to the recording. It was broken after just a short while. What could have been heard, I can just dream of...

The night also became far from what I hoped. The usual stations from NA east coast, mixing with first PR and Cuba, then also Colombia the further the night went on. But all of if accompanied by a very strong splash from the Europeans made it meaningless to try to get something interesting out of it at all.



711 7.12 1200 BEC72 Kuang Hua zhi Sheng Hsinfeng svag signal men helt ensam. JE

819 7.12 1200 Shanxi RGD Datong annonserade grundligt. Stark. JE

945 7.12 1201 Heilongjiang RGD med fint id och starkast på bandet.

1179 7.12 1200 Hubei Information Radio Wuhan säger Chris Kadlec på Realdx. Svag och blir snabbt överröstad av annan station.

1179 7.12 1200 Kuo Sheng BC Erblin Chris Kadlec på Realdx säger ”broadcasting in Hakka with announcers greeting with "Ngi ho" and continuing talk in Hakka, with the music basically being the same stuff I always heard with FM E-skip to Taiwan rather often, which puts it as Kuo Sheng Radio in Changhua, the only station that broadcasts in that dialect”. JE

1278 7.12 1200 JOFR Fukuoka ”RKB” men ganska störd av kines. JE

1314 7.12 1159 BEV76 Tien Sheng BS Chunan med en jingel som Chuck på Realdx hjälpte mig at id-a. JE

1386 7.12 1159 HLAM MBC Mokpo id med frekvenser (AM+FM) och bokstavscall men sedan tog en kines över. JE

1413 7.12 1200 JOIF Fukuoka ”KBC” inte stark men praktiskt taget ostörd denna tid. JE

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