söndag 14 maj 2017

Heard in Fredriksfors May 10 - very bad

This night was quite a failure. I thought it to be better when listening live in Fredriksfors, but when I went to my recordings I found out that there was mostly “a mumble” and what was really possible to hear was some uninteresting stations from Colombia and Venezuela and a couple from NA. Shortly after 02 UTC som stations from Brazil, but almost nothing possible to identify and all were gone before 02.30.



1440 10.5 0000 Radio Luxemburg -pirat Radio Paradise? - med musik. JE


1130 10.5 0203 ZYJ 430 Radio Nacional Rio de Janeiro RJ kom upp läsligt men Ideal-musiken dominerade. JE
1270 9(5 2301 LS11 Radio Provincia La Plata den enda riktigt bra signalen som kunde urskiljas den här natten. JE
1330 10/5 0212 ZYK 736 Radio Terra Osasco SP fadade upp ganska bra under ett par minuter och id-ade dessutom. JE

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