måndag 10 april 2017

Heard in Fredriksfors Apr. 2 - nothing in the night

New Voice of Hope from northern Israel with quite a good signal - that was the "clou of the night". As its best shortly after I arrived in Fredriksfors. But for the first time of the season, there was also some thunder from the south this evening.
The night was really bad. Just a few "mumbles", nothing worth a line in the log - or not even  possible to identify.



1044 2.4 2100 Ethiopia Broadcasting Corp Mekele gick bra vid cd. Drog igång nationalsången exakt på sekunden, Kunde anas också 972 Rabe. JE
1440 2.4 2002 Adamawa Broadcasting Corp. Yola verkar vara oregelbundet aktiv här. Gick bra nu, överröstade Saudiarabien. Id och nyheter på lokalt språk vid denna tid. JE


1287 2.4 2001 Voice of Hope She ´ar Yashud. “AM 12-87 The Voice of Hope”. JE

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