torsdag 23 oktober 2014

Heard in Fredriksfors Oct 18 - bad

Again one of these quite bad nights at the shack. Or could we say worse than usual... This season has really been bad - or I  have at least managed to pick out these nights.
A little hope in the beginning when CBG 1400 was received quite ok already at 20.30 UTC but shortly afterwards it was "goodnight". A short glimps on the lower part of the band at 04 - 04.30 UTC but otherwise only some of the most common LA stations.


1602 17.10 2159 SER Radio Ontinyent med ett par lokala id. JE

560 18.10 0400 National Communications Network Georgetown gick med tanke på de usla konditionerna väldigt (ovanligt) bra men dessvärre bara BBC WS-annonseringar den här tiden. JE
670 19.10 0428 YVLL Radio Rumbos Caracas hade morgonens bästa signal. Nationalsångdags den här tiden. JE
680 18.10 0402 YVQR Radio Continente Cumaná med annonsering. 680,022. JE

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