onsdag 25 september 2013

Heard in Fredriksfors Sep. 18 - blocked!

I went out for an early evening and may be some nice Asian catches in Fredriksfors this night.
I was dissapointed.
Only few and weak signals from Asia. And when I should spend the evening with some Spanish loggings until time for the Transatlantic ones, I could read a message on my computer; Windows has blocked Spectravue and my receiver was inactive.
I tried to solve theproblem but after an hour I gave up and went home. It took me some more hours the next day until it was working again, but it´s not feeling quite good yet...


1287 18.9 1730 JOHR Sapporo med ett HRC-id när man kom upp en kort stund. JE
1332 18.9 1530 Radio Pakistan Lahore. Ej lokalt. JE
1413 18.9 1700 JOIT Fukuoka “KBC”.. Kom upp hyfsat stundtals, men inte alls “som förr”. JE

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