tisdag 20 november 2012

Fredriksfors Nov. 18th. - very bad

We worked on our 317-degrees antenna diring the bright afternoon hours in Fredriksfors. When we had to stop, I checked for Asian stations. Well there were Japanese signals on 1224 and 1278 and quite a few Chinese. Not entirly bad for the upcoming night, but...
There were some signals, mainly from PR and Venezuela around 23 UTC and for an hour, then only worse. Sometimes after 02 the band was all empty of Transatlantic signals. For some minutes before 06 there was a glimpse of Bethel 1570 and Maria 1580, but no other signals at all during the morning hours.

1160 17.11 2359 Caribbean Lighthouse med religiös barnsång, gitarr och sedan id. JE
1230 18.11 0001 WNIK Arecibo PR “esta es Eadio Unica 12-30 kilociclios”. Ensam den här tiden, men efter en liten stund var det förmodligen Calidad som tog över. JE

1200 17.11 2355 YVOZ Radio Tiempo Caracas med ett id men alldeles för dåligt för att jag ska kunan skicka en rapport. JE
1200 18.11 0003 ZYH 585 Radio Clube 1200 AM Fortaleza id och start för ett religiöst program. 1200,034. JE

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