tisdag 23 oktober 2012

Heard in Fredriksfors Oct.18 - what can go worng...

There is bad propagation and it might be “just fiasco” - or it might be October 18th.
I went out to Fredriksfors in the early afternoon, hoping for some interesting Asian stations, later in the evening maybe some from Spain, or just a rest, until it was time for Caribbean or Venezuela-Colombia, to end with Peru. Sounded reasonable...
Well, there were some of the strongest CRN/CRI Chinese, and some Koreans. Nothing from Japan, not Thailand, nor... The only one from India besides of 1556 and 1071 was 954 Najibabad. Nothing interesting from Span.
And then, soon before 20 UTC the 185/105-degrees Beverege went silten. Totally silent in both directions. I waited as it also was raining heavily, until Dan arrived a while later. We took a torch and went out for inspection – what I feared was correct. The antenna wasn´t there and the box where the antenna goes to earth and coax was broken to pieces. A moose had taken it (where it obviuosly was hanging too low). Dan found the wire some 150 meters away the next day...
It wasn´t much more to do then going home. The only antenna I could hope for signals on wasn´t any more. Besides of that, it really didn´t matter. Signals propagated so lousy the next morning, so I hadn´t heard something anyhow.

1395 18.10 1350 Radio Seagull med väldig styrka. JE
1404 18.10 1700 Radio Sighet Sighetul M med id och nyheter. JE
1485 18.10 1500 BBC Radio Hull starkast på frekvensen den här tiden. En britt till med “side” i namnet måste rimligen vara Merseyside. JE
1557 18.10 1402 Vahon FM Haag hade gått jättebra länge, men strax efter id i ett långt reklamblock så var det I stället Family Radio som tog över också på en sydostlig antenn. Ännu lite senare var det först Frankrike och sedan britten som dominerade. JE
1602 18.10 1600 Radio Waddenzee Pietersbierum visade också den att det var mot Holland konditionerna låg den här eftermiddagen. JE
1377 18.10 2130 Radio Free Africa Mwanza med härlig afrikansk musik. Tidvis riktigt bra trots Frankrike. Kul eftersom jag inte hört den på flera år. JE

954 18.10 1530 AIR Najibabad gick över från Hindi och id till de engelska nyheterna. Enda indier som gick utöver 1071 och 1566. JE

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