söndag 11 december 2011

Heard in Fredriksfors Dec. 10th. - quite bad

From a dx-er´s point of view it was quite a bad night in Fredriksfors this Dec. 10th.
Searching the web gave some expectations. Reality was something quite else. I thought there could be an opening at about 01 UTC, but it was just some of the more common east coasters on the lower part of the band and they dissapeared quite soon. In the morning it was worse. Just some ”mumble” from east coast dominants. Not a single South American. The only Spanish speaking was Rebelde on 1190, and that was not good …
As the 285-, 300- and 317-degrees Bevereges all worked in the same bad way, we couldn´t really expect an antenna crash either though the weather had been hard. However, Rolf Larsson went ot for inspection in daylight – but didn´t find anything in particular. The extreme wet weather for the moment maybe could be of some explanation, but probabaly it was just bad propagation.


540 10.12 0200 CBGA1 New Carlisle QC gick ovanligt bra med Premiere Chaine. Annonserade Ile de la Madeleine på heltimmen. JE
540 10.12 0200 CBT Grand Falls-Windsor fick stå tillbaks för franskan på frekvensen. JE
560 10.12 0200 WGAN Portland ME NewsRadio 5-60 WGAN gick att tyda med lite god vilja. JE
580 10.12 0200 CFRA Ottawa ON ”NewsRadio CFRA” kom fram. JE
610 1012 0125 WIOD Miami FL ”NewsRadio WIOD” efter reklamer. Försvann snabbt och längre fram gick i princip inget söder om New York. JE

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