onsdag 9 mars 2011

ARC Newsflash: Radio Nord Revival back on Saturday, March 12!

The anniversary broadcasts from Radio Nord Revival have been a great success and the transmissions from the 10 kW SW transmitter on 6060 have been received with good quality over most of Europe. Even the small 60 W MW transmitter on 1512 kHz from Sala, Sweden was heard as far afield as Germany!

On Saturday, March 12, Radio Nord Revival will be on the air again. This time we are broadcasting from another location, Kvarnberget in Vallentuna, some 30 km from Stockholm City. The power is 1 kW using a 37 m. vertical antenna so this time you can expect a far better signal. The frequency is still 1512 kHz. Further information on our blog http://www.radionordrevival.blogspot.com/ (Ronny Forslund, ARC)

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