måndag 2 augusti 2010

ARC Newsflash: Portugal/Madeira update

From Mr. Carlos Gonçalves in Portugal we have received the following info via Mauno Ritola:

1017 Posto Emissor do Funchal, Santana 1 kW (Madeira's NE) has been silent for a few weeks' time.

1035 R.Club Português, Belmonte (Benavente) (+ a few VHF-FM fqs too) has changed its format, and is broadcasting Portuguese& foreign music from the 60s& 70 since approx. mid July. Just yesterday, 30/7 when this tx was off once again, I got the information this current format is only temporary, and it is almost certain it will change a bit (again!!!), but my contact added it should remain an oldies stn nevertheless. Current power level of their 100 kW THALES tx at Belmonte is about 1/3 due to budgetary limitations.

783 ditto, Avanca (Estarreja, near Aveiro), is stuck, probably for good as the vandalism that stroke this unmanned site back in early 2010 - which could have been solved with minor repairs on the copper elements that were stolen - met another break in causing extensive damage to the 100 kW THALES tx. My contact reported the administration is simply unwilling to spend lots of money with it, so it remains silent, and has been silent ever since everything was put in place and tested in order to be finally switched on parallel to 1035.

73,Carlos. (via Bengt Ericson, ARC, Växjö)

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