fredag 16 juli 2010

ARC Newsflash: Radio Hami on the air

Radio Hami at Räyskälä (west of Lahti) in Finland (RSL) is on the air on 1584 and 6170 kHz between 0500-2100 UTC with programming, but the rest of the time with non-stop music. Heard on July 15th at 1500 UTC on 6170 kHz and at 2205 UTC on 1584 kHz. Quite good strength on shortwave, but on mediumwave QRM from Twoje Radio AM, Slupsk in Poland. All Finnish, but a few IDs in English. Radio Hami is very often mentioned in the DJ-programs. The transmissions will end on July 18th. (Bengt Ericson, Växjö, ARC.)
Also heard with good signals in the radio shack at Fredriksfors on SW 6170 in daytime/evening plus with moderate signals and severe interference on 1584 kHz. (Ronny Forslund, ARC)

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