fredag 23 april 2010

Log from Fredriksfors April 13th.

Spent the night in Fredriksfors. Nothing ”interesting”.
The Brazilian(?) carriers were too weak to be audible and I went to bed for a couple of  hours sleep at 22.30 UTC.
A new try at  01 but only some ”mumble”.
A little ”better” at 02. Apolo on 1320 quite descent and some LA:s also on 1280, 1290, 1370, 1380, 1470, religious on 820 and 1610. Nothing interesting. 1570  didn´t seem to be ”Q”, but no id.
About  03.30 (at sunrise) a week ”top” from La Plata with signals on 1070, 1190 and 1620 (best a for quite a time, but onlu audible on AM).

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